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Due to rising inflation throughout the nation, Michigan Basic encourages you to review your policy to ensure you have proper coverage. If you don’t have the proper coverage and need to file a claim, you may pay some expenses out of pocket due to a rise in protection costs. Please contact your agent if you need assistance in determining whether you have the correct coverages. Your agent’s telephone number and contact information is listed above and it can be found on your application and Declaration page of your insurance policy.

Michigan Basic offers an Automatic Adjustment of Limits endorsement. For an additional premium, this endorsement adds a percentage to your coverage over the policy term. This optional coverage can give you the peace of mind in view of the significant increase in costs. After you review your current coverages with your agent, also discuss whether this Automatic Adjustment should be obtained.

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History and Purpose

Michigan Basic Property Insurance Association ("the Association") was organized under the provisions of Act 262 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1968, which is included in chapter 29 of the Michigan Insurance code.

The Association commenced business on October 21, 1968. It is a Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plan. The FAIR Plans were a result of the Federal Omnibus Housing Bill, passed on August 1, 1968. The Omnibus Bill passed by the Federal Government provided for riot reinsurance if insurance companies would join together in statewide pools to offer basic property insurance to those who were ineligible in the voluntary market. The Bill gave the responsibility of the formation of FAIR Plans and their operations to the individual states.

The Association's members are all insurance companies writing similar insurance coverages in the state of Michigan and are subject to pro rata annual assessments to fund operating deficits.

The Association is a not-for-profit organization.